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Texas and Wine .com is dedicated to honoring the Texas wine industry and assisting in your search for the perfect Texas wine adventure.  Texas and Wine .com is not affiliated with any winery or vineyard.  The purpose of this site is to educate people about Texas wine and what this great state has to offer.  The goal is not to rate wines, wineries or travel destinations but to give unbiased details and information.  Taste is a very personal thing and, in an unbiased setting, many individuals frequently disagree with wine ratings from top sources.  What one person may love, another may not like at all.  The most important factor is to understand what you find appealing. Once that is established, the goal of Texas and Wine .com is to give you the information you need to make decisions as to whether or not you will enjoy a certain Texas wine or winery. We do welcome reviews and ratings from our readers to provide opinions and comments as additional information.


Stephanie PhotoStephanie Fox Wetherill

I am following my passion to promote and expand the Texas wine industry. I have increased my knowledge and gained considerable appreciation for wine in Texas and throughout the world through intense self study and by completing courses from institutes such as the International Sommelier Guild and the Society of Wine Educators. I am a member of the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association and Women for WineSense. I am also a member of the Society of Wine Educators where I have achieved the designation of Certified Specialist of Wine. I have conducted educational sessions and tastings including pairings of Texas food with Texas wines. My passion has lead me to write the book Cheers Y'all and to develop this website. I've served as judge in prestigious wine competitions such as the Lone Star International Wine Competition. I teach Wine Certification classes for the International Sommelier Guild at El Centro College in Dallas. I have visited numerous wineries throughout the state and the world. I have also been involved in a few humble attempts at grape growing and winemaking. Look for book signing dates and locations on the book ordering information page of this website.

Cheers Y'all!