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Calais Exterior Calais Winery, located in the Deep Ellum Neighborhood of Dallas is a real treat.  I visited during a recent Dallas Wine Trail event.  The little shop really surprised me.  C'est magnifique!  I was expecting trendy, but I found upscale French sophistication and Texas friendliness. The wines are top quality made with real pride by Benjamin Calais, the French (now Texan) proprietor.  To confirm the winery is truly part of the growing Texas wine industry, Texas grapes are being integrated into their lineup – and – the wines are named after streets in the neighborhood. 

Calais Interior
The winery offers themed wine tastings on most weekends and hosts private events. Wines are affordable and high quality. In addition to their own wines, they offer some fantastic selections from around the world.  Tasting events are educational and fun. Definitely worth stopping, you can even bring your own food. I did a book signing at Calais in January, 2011 and tasted through their lineup. Benjamin is a true artist. Their wines get even better every year. Can't wait to try the Tempranillo. Vineyard owner David Hunt is often on hand to visit and educate. I highly recommend dropping in.