Texas Wine

Llano Estacado Texas Wine Rack



Llano Estacado Winery Not many Texas wineries can out-boast the historical significance of Llano Estacado Winery just south of Lubbock. For many years after prohibition little was done to support the Texas wine and grape industry. The idea that West Texas could become the source of great Texas wine first blossomed in the 1970's with the passion of 2 Texas Tech professors.


Llano Estacado Tasting Bar The winery offers about 30 different wine choices - something for every taste, from award winning high-status wines like Viviano, to dry and sweet everyday styles. Several different Texas wine styles are always available for sampling in the tasting room, with a knowledgeable staff to guide you through to find what you like. Along with Texas wine, there is also a large selection of gourmet foods (with everything from grape seed oil to fudge to marinara with mushrooms), wine accessories and wine themed gift baskets available in the wine shop.

Llano Estacado Wine BarrelA tour of the immaculate facility not only gives insight into Texas Wine history, but into winemaking as well. One exhibit that shows the construction and treatment of oak barrels used for wine aging and is a highlight of a visit. Tours are offered daily during business hours. The winery operation is one of the largest in the state, including 30,000 square feet of facilities with annual production of over 100,000 cases.