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Pilot Knob Vineyard Texas WineryIf you build it, they will come…, and there is no doubt you will come to Pilot Knob Vineyard once you've discovered this impressive Texas winery. Pilot Knob Vineyard is an exceptionally well planned facility – everything from the orientation – which makes the most of the Texas breeze, the afternoon shade and the unobstructed view of the serene Texas landscape, to the staging room for weddings, to the inviting French country theme.

Craig Pinkley of Pilot KnobThe building isn’t all that is well planned. Craig Pinkley and Ross Wood put a great deal of thought into their grape growing and winemaking strategy, hiring the best consultants and focusing on grapes and styles that work for Texas wine. They've already captured awards at major wine competitions. There are wines for every palate – dry, sweet, red, white and rosé.  The sweeter wines may even surprise some folks that say they don’t like sweet wine.

Pilot Knob PorchAnyone wanting a great Texas wine experience needs to head north on 183 from Austin about 40 some odd miles to Pilot Knob Vineyard. While the current focus of the estate plantings have been on Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo, the 112 acre tract is targeted to have 90 acres of 6 different grape varieties with selection based on harmonizing the wines with the unique terroir of the region.

Pilot Knob Volcanic FormationThe name comes from the interesting protrusion jutting out from the Texas landscape in the infinite view from the patio, a volcanic formation about 6 miles southeast of the winery… as a side note-in case you’re wondering, there are more than one “Pilot Knob” volcanic formations in Texas.  This one is in Williamson County. There’s another just south of Austin in Travis County. Make sure you head the right direction!