Texas Wine with StrawberriesFebruary/March
Texas Wine Pairing

What do we always think of in February? Valentine's Day, and - CHOCOLATE - of course - AND - the third week of March is American Chocolate Week. Considered by many as hard to pair, Texas Wines offer several excellent opportunities. Here are a few pairings to consider:

Llano Estacado Texas Port with rich decadent flourless chocolate cake - In Texas we like to add a hint of spiciness to the cake and make it a flourless chocolate 'CHIPOTLE' cake! The port style wine's nutty vanilla and ripe berry flavors marry perfectly with the rich spicy chocolate.

Mandola Estates Canto Felice with chocolate-dipped strawberries. The subtle sweetness in this Texas wine materializes from flavors of fresh red cherry and young strawberry aromas. Brilliant red in color, this wine has such pronounced flavors of chocolate and strawberries, you won’t be able to resist pairing the two.

Haak Madeira with, well... it is perfect all by itself. This wine makes me want to hug someone! With aromas and flavors of coffee, caramel, peaches and cinnamon, followed by nutty toffee, it is perfect as a treat following any meal. But, since this month is about chocolate, have some chocolate fondue with fruit and marshmallows on hand. Another possibility would be a chocolate raspberry tart.

Texas Wine with Chocolate