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Wine Pairing

Some of the best times I've experienced were around Labor Day when my brother and tons of friends would show up in Childress for a big dove hunt. The guys (and gals) would camp out at my parents, hunt for a couple of days, then prepare a gigantic feast. The dove were prepared by stuffing a jalapeno in each breast and wrapping the breast with bacon. The breasts were skewered and cooked over an open campfire. A big pot of pork and beans was served along with a simple salad and garlic bread. I can't think of a better wine to serve than McPherson Cellars Grenache Mourvedre. The aromas of game come through in this Rhone-style wine and make it a perfect pairing for the dark, dense, flavorful meat of the dove breasts. Other favorites for this dish would be the Sunset Winery 2005 Twilight Tango Malbec, or the Lone Oak 2007 Double Diamond Merlot. Unfortunately I haven't found any place to buy dove breasts, so I may have to take up hunting again someday!